Payment Options & eTransfer Instructions

Please Note: As Dab Glass has included cannabis sales, we will no longer be able to ship items out from the store (including cannabis and our selection of hardware). Pick up orders and in-store shopping will remain, and we hope one day that the rules on shipping out of cannabis stores will change, so we can provide glass to all of our customers from outside our region. 


Dab Glass currently accepts Interac e-Transfer and Credit Card as forms of payment for online accessory orders.

Instructions for E-Transfer:

1) Sign into your online banking (At participating Canadian banks)

2) Select Interac e-Transfer (Email Transfer)

3) For Recipients name use Dab Glass, and email use

4) Please use "Dab" as the question and "glass" as the answer. If you need to add numbers, please use answer: glass1234 and leave us a note with this change.

5) To ensure quick processing, please add your order number to the IMT notes in the email transfer


Note: If you would like to use a different question and answer you will need to send an email with the answer to the question provided.

All orders will be cancelled if payment is not received within 2 days of ordering.

This method of payment may only be used towards our accessories side of the website, and applied to orders which are only for 420 accessories. :)