The Family

Showcasing our staff, because.. they're seriously cool.
We can't wait to meet you if we haven't already  😌
Amanda A
Operations Manager
Hello there  👻 I'm Amanda, the world's most okayest boss! On my days off I'm typically working, and sometimes (if there's time) I will work some more, in preparation for work the next day  😂. My favourite part of my job is visiting all the stores and seeing my employees; they really are the best bunch of people in the whole galaxy. Pickles are my favourite food, but Olga might argue that it's actually pickled eggs that are my favourite. I like to play COD, and join in for Twitch streams with @beardguygames on Saturday nights. My favourite cannabis products would include anything with CBD, and of course the Ninja Fruit cart by Ness  🍉. 
Olga J
Hello! My names Olga & I've been working at Dab Glass & Session7 since day 1! I'm a huge edible fan but occasionally dabble in pre-rolls (Mandarin Cookies by FIGR is definitely my top pick). When I'm not at work I'm either watching way too many tik toks or going out for a Caesar at Chuck's with Amanda! Can't wait to help you find your new sesh favourite next time you're at the shop! Cheers 🤠🐌