Crazy Legs Recycler Rig

This Pulsar Crazy Legs Recycler Rig is 9" tall and features a fixed diffused downstem, dual recycler tubes, no-splashback drain and a specialized mouthpiece that also helps prevent splashback. As you hit this rig the water pulls up through the crazy legs recycler tubes and swirls around the drain and flows back to the bottom quickly leaving you with a smooth un-messy hit. Includes a 14mm male quartz banger nail. Pipes come with assorted colourful accents that may vary from pictured. Customers can make this a perfect dabbing setup by adding a carb capand dabber tool.

Rig Features:

  • 9" / 14mm female glass rig
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • Dual recycler tubes
  • No-splashback design
  • Colourful glass accents
  • Quartz banger nail (included)
  • Assorted colours (Note: Colours may vary)