Nest V2

There are several unique features of this pen:

  • A shotgun-style mouthpiece with incredible airflow meant for true connoisseurs!
  • Mag-tech connection technology-- all parts of the pen are connected via magnetism, say goodbye to sticky threading!
  • Dual quartz coil atomizer meant to give you the purest hits!
  • No glues, no plastics and no fibres like other pens on the market.
  • Large Crystal Quartz chamber so you don't have to refill every few hits.
  • Nest2 battery allows for optimal control; click the button five times to toggle on or off, and four times to cycle through its three colour-coded temperature settings. [Low, Green; Medium, Blue; and High, Red].
  • 15-second hit time so you can blow massive clouds while still preserving flavour!
  • Removable silicone mouthpiece makes for easy cleaning.
  • The battery holds double the charge of other pens and is fully charged in about an hour.
  • All inclusive kit that includes a micro-USB charger, dabber, and an EXTRA FREE replacement Nest2 atomizer.
  • Wherever you’re headed, The Nest2 is the perfect companion for easy on-the-go vaping. This is the new standard for dabbing connoisseurs.