Dab Glass Membership!

It's finally here! Dab Glass is now offering its loyal customers membership; read on for more details!


Dab Glass members will be provided with a keychain tag. This tag created for members can be shown to a Dab Glass associate at check out to unlock more savings. The Dab Glass membership allows customers to save constantly on accessories, and adds further discount to our cannabis deals.


Accessories discount: 15% off any accessory, all the time!

Cannabis discount: 5% off any discounted cannabis product. This means that any product in store which is on sale, is discounted even further to our members by 5%. Any deal day which is normally 10% off, just turned into 15% off for members! Any cabinet discount which is 20% off, just turned into 25% off, with the Dab Glass membership card. We rotate all kinds of products through our in-store special cabinet sales, make sure to check those out! Scoring great stuff is pretty easy :D.

Please Note: A product which has a markdown of more than 20% cannot be coupled with the Dab Pass for further discount. The Dab Glass membership card must be presented in store to redeem discounts; it cannot be used online.

 🤑 Deal Day List: 🤑

Munchie Mondays: Save 15% on edibles with your membership card, every Monday! 

Tubular Tuesdays: Use your membership card for 15% off pre rolls! Infused pre rolls not included*

Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Wednesdays: Enjoy 15% off of concentrates each Wednesday!

Thirsty Thursdays: 15% off all beverages on Thursday with membership card!

Flower Fridaze: 15% off all flower and sizes on Friday! Excluding infused flower*


Rules & deals subject to change. 

Membership is free and no purchase is required to become a member, or to maintain your membership. 

Memberships are for 19+ persons only. Any person who should not be in possession of the Dab Glass membership card will be asked to give the tag back. 

Membership tags are not proof of age, or proof of previous entry. Government Issued/Valid ID is still always required for customers who appear to be under 30 years of age (or at the discretion of the employee asking for ID) to gain entry into Dab Glass.