The Dab Glass Website

Team Dab wants to explain how our site works since we have acquired the cannabis menu! Read on for more details 😊
Cannabis & accessories are separate systems
When we created Dab Glass in 2019, we started out as a head shop, offering accessories to our customers using our original operating system and website. We wanted to offer cannabis to our customers for so long, and once all the work towards that paid off, we were able to add it to our website! 
Of course.. cannabis is regulated and tracked on a whole other level, so we had to add the systems in order to do this properly. That being said, it created two sides to our website.. which can be a bit confusing! Let's explain..
All of our accessories and lifestyle items can be found under our accessories catalogue, and our cannabis menu is completely separate from that, and powered by Dutchie! 
The Dutchie menu allows you to select cannabis and a few select accessories for pick up in store, or delivery within a certain km range! 
Our accessories menu is currently an ordering system for in-store pick up only, as we cannot offer shipping (like we used to) as part of the rules placed on retail cannabis stores. Accessories that you find on the catalogue will either be available at Dab Glass location 685 Fischer Hallman Rd, or our newest location, Dab Glass on 509 Wilson Ave!
Keeping these two systems separate means that any products selected on the accessories menu is put into a cart on our OG site, and an order put through using our cannabis menu/Dutchie is put into a cart on the Dutchie ordering side of our website, which is then translated back to us in store!
We hope this helps with understanding the Dab Glass website a bit better! We are always available to help with questions and assisting with navigation. Give us a call or email!