Art of Smoke Sneaker Pipe with Pattern Bag

Perfect for sneaking quick, discreet hits of your favourite herb, the Sneaker Pipe by Art of Smoke conveniently fits in your pocket or purse. This handmade pipe that's fashioned after a sneaker is crafted from ceramic material. It's perfectly pocketable at just 4-inches long and 2-inches wide. 

This cool little pipe has a deep bowl on top, a mouthpiece on the toe end, and a right-side carb hole for controlling the intensity and size of your rips. Like all Art of Smoke pipes, the Sneaker comes in a colourful drawstring bag decorated with sneakers. 

Whether you use it for solo seshes or take it along on your adventures, this quirky little pipe is guaranteed to make you smile every time you fire it up to enjoy a nice smoke. It's yet another amazing, minimalistic piece from Art of Smoke that's unique, elegant, and beautiful.