Blazin' Cherry Hemp Wraps

High Hemp Organic wraps Blazin' Cherry is a sweet and delicious wrap made entirely from Hemp and natural ingredients. These wraps have a blast of real cherry flavour and will be your new favourite! These tasty wraps are made of 100% hemp so there’s no nicotine or added toxins– just an all natural flavour!

These wraps are sourced from non-GMO plants and are vegan approved, putting your mind at ease to make your smokes all the sweeter. High Hemp wraps burn slowly and evenly for an enjoyable session. Each pack comes with two wraps and two tips in a resealable pouch.

High Hemp Features:

  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • Sweet and Delicious
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Burns Slowly and Evenly
  • Two Wraps per Pack
  • Two Tips per Pack