BRNT 510 Battery - Boreal

How to Use BRNT 510 Batteries:
Make sure the battery is fully charged. Load your 510 cart and turn on with 5 rapid clicks. Change the heat settings with 3 rapid button clicks. Enjoy. Press and hold the button as you inhale. Turn off with 5 rapid button clicks.

BRNT 510 Battery Features:

  • 320mAh Battery Capacity
  • Four Variable Voltage Settings
  • Preheating Voltage is 2.0V
  • Low: 2.4V (Blue) Med: 3.0V (Green) Med: 3.6V (Yellow) High: 4.2V (Red)
  • Soft-Touch Painted Finish
  • Short Circuit Protection

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Boreal Haze 510 Battery by BRNT
  • 1x - USB Charging Cable