Half Opal 45 Degree Banger

The Pulsar Half Opal Quartz Bucket Banger is a pure quartz 45 degree nail w/ a half opal quartz bucket for excellent heat retention and a groundless joint for a more solid connection. The bucket opening is beveled to allow for a tight seal with your 20mm (or larger) carb cap. Since half the bucket is opal quartz, it will retain heat for much longer than regular quartz. Inner bucket diameter measures 19mm.

Bowl Features:

  • 45° quartz bucket banger nail
  • Heavy 4mm thick bucket sides and bottom
  • Groundless joint & frosted logo
  • 14/19mm m/f models
  • Half opal bottom
  • 19mm inner diameter of bucket
  • Beveled bucket
  • Made of 100% quartz glass