Kind Ash Cache with Rig

Multi Functional Ash Cache

The Kind Ash Cache with removable Rig Attachment is a multi functional ash tray created for today's smoker. Featuring the same high temperature resistant silicon with rubber "Smash" pillar, this ashtray also includes a removable attachment made for additional smoking accessories. This stainless steel ash catcher is easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Ash Cache Features:

  • Made from heavy duty high temperature resistant silicon
  • Includes rubber smash pillar
  • Stainless steel ash catcher
  • Incense burner
  • Debowler holder
  • Doob cradles
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Complete ash cache height: 2.00 inches
  • Logo: Kind Ash Cache

Removable Cache Features:

  • Made of high temp resistant silicon
  • Includes both 14mm & 18mm male joint holders
  • Two slots for rolling papers
  • Lighter or dram holder
  • Colour: Black