Leaf Ceramic Jar

Get the vibe going at a stoner party, 420 event, or the holiday season with these on-trend stash jars. They feature a bold 3D leaf design and make great gifts. These stash jars are made of ceramic and come in a matt black colour with a raised 3D green leaf decoration. These stash jars are ideal to store teas, coffees, herbs, spices and medical herbs. The tight-seal cork ensures that your herbs are kept fresh for months and that the sensitive material is protected from light. These jars come packaged in an acetate box. These on-trend stash jars are a must-have for the novelty shelf in your store, as they make cool adult gift ideas for a trendy friend or family member.

Leaf Stash Jar Features:

  • Size: 4" x 3" x 3"
  • Made of Ceramic

  • Matt Black Finish with 3D Raised Leaf Design

  • Cork Lid Protects Sensitive Contents from Light