Pulsar Shroom In The Wild Glass Jar

Keep your stash safe and stylish with the Pulsar Shrooms In The Wild Glass Jar. This 4.25-inch tall jar features a hand-molded acrylic resin construction with an old school shroom design and UV reactive accents, making it a standout in any collection. The wooden lid with a gasket seal ensures a secure closure, protecting your herbs, candies, medicines, keys, and more from UV rays. This versatile jar adds a touch of retro charm to your setup.


  • 4.25 inches tall
  • Glass stash jar
  • Hand-molded acrylic resin
  • Old school shroom design
  • UV reactive accents
  • Wooden lid with gasket seal
  • Protects material from UV rays
  • Great for herbs, candy, medicine, keys, and more