Toker Poker Strains Edition

The Toker Poker is a multi-purpose lighter sleeve that has a stainless steel poker and tamper tool built into it. It can fit up to 5 feet of hemp wick wrapped around the base. This 25 piece display is designed to work with Bic lighters and comes with 5 strains designs. Toker Pokers are the #1 lighter sleeve and multi-tool on the market with hundreds of colours and prints these are some of the most sought-after accessories.

*Please Note: Lighters Not Included.

Toker Poker Features:

  • Compatible with Bic Lighters
  • Califari Strains Edition
  • All-Inclusive Smoker's Tool
  • Soulfully Designed Lighter Sleeve
  • Fold-in Stainless Steel Poker
  • Built-in Stainless Steel Tamper
  • Securely Holds 5 feet of Hemp Wick
  • Display of 25 Sleeves
  • Lighter's Not Included